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Building Our Leaders Through Science

BOLTS is an innovative after-school STEM-based program where students will become great leaders while working as a team, all by participating in extreme science experiments, fun outdoor activities, constructing marshmallow launchers and engineering rockets. The final week will consist of building and be launching a rocket into the atmosphere.

Programs will include elephant toothpaste, egg drop, coding, foam rockets, marshmallow launcher, slime, anti-gravity devices, water bottle rockets, the chemistry of ice cream, red solo cup challenge, paper cup launchers, lava lamps, plus lots more!

District Websites (Search for B.O.L.T.S.):

Chandler Unified

Kyrene School District

Deer Valley Unified

Paradise Valley Unified


Green Slime

Academic Tutoring

Literacy Assistance

Arizona Kids THINK Too’s tutoring program is based on the Common Core State Standards and designed to help students succeed on the AzMERIT and other standardized exams.  Our curriculum is driven by the results of ongoing assessments and differentiated to meet each student’s individual academic needs.  Our tutors are highly-qualified and trained in the most current, effective teaching strategies.
In addition to our math and reading tutorial assistance, Arizona Kids THINK Too also provides superior help for the K-8th grade learner.  Our early reading intervention program prepares young readers for grade level reading by the end of second grade.  Our curriculum addresses the Common Core State Standards and focuses on developing the six foundational reading skills.
Please contact Kristin Gappa at for more information.
“We so appreciate the time you spend working with our students and the positive relationships you are building”
-Solano Elementary School Principal, Renee Hamill

Woman Tutoring Child

Family Education Events

Family Connections

Arizona Kids THINK Too offers family education nights in conjunction with its academic tutoring and B.O.L.T. programs. The goal of these meetings is to provide parents with strategies and materials for working with their children at home and to spend time in a school setting with their families.
An activity or game will be played and full participation from family members and students is encouraged. Youth participants will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills they have acquired in the B.O.L.T. program by means of a creative presentation to parents. A meal is served at these events and a large raffle at the end of the evening lets parents and children enjoy gifts provided by our community partners.
Guest speakers may attend to address topics such as education, safety, and financial services.

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